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Hello and let me welcome you to Business and Hospitality Education Service.
My wife Mary and I are extremely pleased that you have chosen us as a valued consideration. Our business name identifies the distinctive features and versatility we clearly provide opportunity seekers such as you.
Your interest in business education as a prospective career can be achieved and become a reality. Through our affiliation with My On-line Business Education “MOBE,” which we believe them to be the predominant leader in building Entrepreneurs. With the selections that they will provide, you will solidify knowledge and ultimately “Success.” They will teach and coach you through their core programs, which are first-class in theory and practical know how. Yes, you will be taught and guided by professionally trained leaders in the learning process.
Additionally, through our connection with MOBE, we can offer business educational products that provide and promote knowledge, understanding, the conceptual, practical, financial, and overall mission of business. These products are 100% tested, and many have found them immensely effective tools.
Both, my wife and I are professionals, she as a Registered Surgical Nurse, and I as a well-versed hotelier with over forty-five years of experience in all facet’s Hospitality Management. Yes, this is where hospitality fits within our company name. Briefly, I graduated from a four-year German culinary program and continued simultaneously with an apprenticeship at the oldest hotel the “Riesen” in Germany. I have worked for Sheraton, Radisson, Fairfield Community Resorts (now Wyndham Resorts), Outrigger Lodging Services, and various independently flagged properties. After holding titles of general manager and vice president, I started in business for myself as a management and marketing consultant in the hospitality industry since 2005.
Lastly, as a career professional and Author, I have published two books, which are hospitality business related. A third Ebook is in final stages on business. Now in a future horizon, I am planning and working on a historical based mystery.
Good Luck as Mary and I look forward to assisting you in your business career learning search through our fantastic MOBE programs.

– Peter and Mary Clarke

We do this in partnership with MOBE (My Own Business Education) to provide you with their premier commission generating system, which is one of the best online business systems on the market today.

MOBE was founded in 2006 by Matt Lloyd and to date has paid out over $73 million dollars in commissions to its affiliate partners, which followed the very same training and online business system I’m offering to you.

By becoming a part of this franchise, you will be able to learn network marketing strategies at your own pace, because this program offers easy steps to success that you will be able to master. If you have a laptop, a cell phone, and an internet connection, you can make this work, provided you have the drive and the will to try something new. This program offers you the mentoring, tools, and resources you’ll need to make an incredible living and to finally be free to travel at a moment’s notice. To learn more about how you can get started, contact me today.


Welcome to Your Freedom Job

We provide business training programs to individual’s desiring to launch, run, and grow their own online, highly successful business.  We do this in partnership with MOBE (My Online Business Education).  MOBE has created one of the most successful business training programs and systems on the market today.

Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom
Through Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business


My Own Business Education


The Hospitality Package Plans “How they work for you!”

• I am known as a highly experienced Coach and Consultant in that I have lead many teams of associates in an wide-array of hospitality properties.
• I offer Products and Services through four uniquely designed packages
• As an author, I use the very techniques contained in my hospitality books “How to Run a Profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food and Beverage Business and The Sure-Fire Solutions Guide” in addressing a property’s shortcomings. These techniques when properly utilized, contribute substantially to restructuring a property’s direction
• I apply sound reasoning techniques that are clearly defined

The WOW what a deal, of each package, is explained simply:
1. We will tailor your package, to your specifications, in every assignment.
2. A price of the package will be determined when we see and understand your requirements.
3. The Sale price as shown represents a VALUE that we place on our work based on our all-inclusive thinking.
4. The real cost to you of this program is SPECIAL for you and you alone.
5. Should you elect, for whatever reason and not proceed further after my pre-work-up. You may still cancel, all that we then would do is apply a $999.00 fee for the advance scrutiny and general recommendations.
6. The pricing will be competitive to any other consultations.
7. I will very much consider matching and or bettering any price quotes that you have received.
8. We will also apply a $250.00 credit for our first-time customers.
9. We will prove our respect for our clients by providing a 25% percent discount to all repeat customers.

I. “How to run a profitable Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Food and Beverage Business” Package. Program Implementation $9,499.00, Have I got a Special Price for you! Wow!

II. The Restaurant Business Results Package! Program Implementation is Valued at $8,499.00. Have I got a Special Price for you! Wow!

III. Inspections and Investigation Packages, Program Implementation is Valued at $3,499.00. Have I got a Special Price for you! Wow!

IV. Interim Hospitality Management, Price Negotiable

• Do you have a need to change course and hire new management or have a temporary absence in leadership coverage?
• Have you been told that standards and procedures have been instituted only to find a continuation of unsatisfactory guest comments?
• Only, are you losing market share and need to assure yourself that your property is being managed correctly?
• If, everything is alright, however, you would like a valuable snapshot of what your guests are experiencing?
• Is something wrong and you needed to find out what you may or may not already know?

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